Cupping therapy is another very old health and wellness practice, dating back roughly 3,000 years to ancient Egypt as well as China. It has proven very effective over the last few decades as a complimentary wellness practice that is most effective when combined with other therapies.
The practical benefits of our cupping therapy include increased blood flow to both cutaneous and subcutaneous tissues which may accelerate healing and improve circulation. It also helps relieve tension and stress in muscles since it is technically a type of massage, promoting soft tissue mobilization. The minor damage caused to surface capillaries by suction can promote the growth and development of new blood vessels and help improve overall blood flow and circulation.

Is Cupping therapy right for you?

Many people may ask if cupping is right for them. The relative safety of this practice makes them widely accessible to almost anyone. Cupping therapy is non-invasive and exceptionally safe. The very low risks along with the wide range of benefits provided by this form of therapy means that it can be available to almost anybody.